Moroccan Ghassoul Clay chunks

Moroccan Ghassoul clay chunks has been used, in skin care for over 2000 years.

In Morocco, there is a soapy clay that has traditionally been used for centuries by all the North African population and parts of the Middle East. This clay is called Ghassoul, whose etymology derives from the Arabic verb “Rassala” which means “to wash”. The extraction of this clay is done via underground mine shafts. Moroccan Ghassoul clay chunks production comes from the only known deposits in the world. These are bordering the middle Atlas Mountain chain, in the Moulouya’s valley, 200 km from the Moroccan city of Fes. Ghassoul is used as a base ingredient in the cosmetic industry for the fabrication of shampoos, bath and shower gels, soaps and body and face creams including dermatological products and anti-acne creams.

PURE AND NATURAL – This exquisite all natural and organic detoxifying clay is unique in its composition, quality and purity; It is meticulously selected from ancient mineral-rich deposits, found deep within the fertile Atlas Mountains, and contains 100% pure Ghassoul

FAST ACTING – Simply mix Moroccan Ghassoul Clay chunkswith a little water to create a smooth creamy texture, then glide effortlessly over your face, neck and hair as desired; Within seconds, you will feel a gentle tightening, as the intense detoxification begins to absorb impurities and harmful substances, cleansing

STUNNING RESULTS – You can expect a buttery soft, smooth and toned skin complexion, free from dryness, blemishes, blackheads and blocked pores; Your hair will feel light, manageable and conditioned, with curls defined and frizz controlled; Eczema, psoriasis, and acne are treated and calmed without stripping your skin of essential natural oils

MULTI-PURPOSE – Our Spa grade Ghassoul Clay is a versatile and multi-purpose daily cleanser that can also be used as a detoxifying face mask, skin conditioner and hair restoration treatment; It delivers one of the world’s most powerful deep pore facials WITHOUT harsh chemicals, and can be applied daily to even the most dry, flaky and sensitive skin.

Traditions –  Ghassoul use is part of Morocco’s and Tunisia’s cultural make up for decades.  Known as Ghassoul in Morocco and Tfal in Tunisia, the product is still an essential part of the Hammam ritual.Our Spa grade Ghassoul Clay is a versatile and multi-purpose daily cleanser that can also be used as a detoxifying face mask, skin conditioner and hair restoration treatment; It delivers one of the world’s most powerful deep pore facials WITHOUT harsh chemicals, and can be applied daily to even the most dry, flaky and sensitive skin.  

In Morocco, Ghassoul is sold in its natural state with recipes for preparation are passed-on from mother to daughter. Ghassoul is often mixed with orange flower water, rose flower water or essential oils in order to enhance its perfume and increase its hydrating properties. It is important to note that among the Moroccan traditional wedding gifts, Ghassoul has its important place among Henna and milk.

Chemical CompositionGhassoul is a purely natural mineral product mostly composed of Stenensite. This is a clay mineral made of magnesium silicate. Uniquely, Ghassoul is characterized as having foamy or saponifier properties. Saponification is the chemical reaction between an ester (oil) and an alkali to produce soap. Once mixed with water, Ghassoul becomes a smooth, silky paste that, when applied to the skin and allowed to dry absorbs surface and pore impurities, toxins and grease. Ghassoul only works by absorption; it does not cause any harshness to the hair, skin or mucus membranes. Ghassoul can absorb 1.66 times its weight in water. This means 15 g of Ghassoul can absorb 25 ml of water and hence swells to occupy a volume of 35 ml. This water-absorbing capacity is considerable when compared with other types of clay. Our Ghassoul is compliant with the norms established by the CTFA (cosmetics, toiletry and Fragrance Association) and ECOCERT.

How it comes to you:  Once extracted, Ghassoul is first sorted at the mine and then subjected to different processes including extensive sorting, cleaning, drying and casting, in order to obtain the finest, purest high quality product. The process includes large scale extraction (lumps) that is subjected to successive washings with water to remove impurities. The cleansed Ghassoul is spread over large flat areas and is sun-dried in summer and oven-dried in winter. The resulting Ghassoul scales are called M’siek or “scales”. This product is sold locally in Morocco. Powdered Ghassoul is created by placing in large drums for crushing in order to pulverize the product very fine powder of the highest quality. This is the product we bring to you at Zakia’s Morocco and is also used in the manufacture of cosmetic, dermatologic products globally.


  • Hair Care –  Due to its exceptional absorption and moisturizing characteristics the Ghassoul is excellent for hair care. It acts as a natural shampoo that cleanses and removes unwanted grease from the hair and scalp, without any damage to the follicles and hair keratin. Mix the Ghasoul with lukewarm water to get a soft paste. Apply this paste to wet hair going from the roots to the tips, massage for a few minutes and rinse abundantly. This Ghassoul leaves hair shiny, full bodied and soft to the touch.
  • Face and Body Care –  Ghassoul mixed with luke warm water makes a paste that can be applied as a poultice all over the face and body.  Ghassoul absorbs unwanted skin grease, remove facial impurities and particularly blackheads. Wait until nearly dry and then rinse with warm water.  You will be amazed how your skin is toned, soft and velvety smooth. For sensitive skin Highly recommended for sensitive skin types because it is 100% pure and natural – no added chemicals nor astringents. Cosmetics made with chemical products and active ingredients can irritate sensitive skins. Use of Ghassoul enables a better protection of the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film and the hair follicles’ sebaceous glands. Ghassoul is hypoallergenic, it is recommended for all skin types.
  • Recipes –  Ghassoul used in its natural state can be mixed with other natural ingredients in order to perfume or soften body, face and hair. Here are some natural ingredients that are traditionally mixed with Ghassoul. · Orange Blossom water · Rose Blossom water · Argan oil · Any favorite Essential Oils Home-made recipes Cleansing facial mask · .50 ml (1.7oz) Ghassoul · .10 ml (0.35oz) honey · .10 ml (0.35 0z) lemon juice · A few drops of milk · A few drops of almond oil Blend all ingredients together to obtain a soft homogenized paste. Apply layer and leave to nearly dry. Rinse with warm water Skin will become softer, silky and fragrant Hair mask · .50 ml (1.7 oz) of Ghassoul powder · A few drips of warm water · 1 egg yolk Add water to Ghassoul and mix to form a smooth paste. Add egg yolk and mix. Apply preparation to your hair starting with your scalp and spreading it to the hair tips. Let dry and rinse abundantly. Your hair becomes healthier, suppler and shiner.
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