Shake ‘n’ go Milky Way ShortCut SG-10Pieces 

100% Human Hair Various Styles

Length: 1.5″, 2.5″, 3.5″

10pcs of weft

Good for Mix and Match styles


  • Milky Way Short Cut Series Human Hair
  • Material: 100% Human Hair
  • Length: Short Piece
  • Style: 27 pcs

Weaving Applications Guide for Milky Way Short Cut Series SG 10 Pcs

Weaving Applications

1. Quick Weave
A Weaving process where all your hair is wrapped and a wig cap is placed on the head, then the weave (Milky Way Short Cut Series SG 10 Pcs) is glued on the cap, usually in a circular direction resulting a wig-like appearance.

2. Sew-In Weave
Your hair is braided. Then braided hair is then sewn down and the hair weft extensions are sewn onto the braids.

Invisible Part Application

1. Eye mark the area where you wish to place the invisible Part Weaving Closure. Divide your hair vertically to create a natural part line and proceed to neatly cornrow your hair to your comfort.
2. Weave up to the pre-determined invisible part area the invisible Part Weaving Closure extensions.
3. Place the invisible Part Weaving Closure over center, making sure to align the Invisible Part’s weaving wedge over the vertical hair part line. Sew-In/Glue tightly along the weaving wedge and then around the lace surrounding the pad to complete the look lastly, cut off the excess lace.


Color On Model: T350

Short Cut Series

Short Cut Series by MilkyWay

Weave/Extension with Track/Weft

Weight N/A

#A10, #99j, #1, #27, #1b/#27, #30


Shake n Go

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