The Dudu Osun African Black Soap is derived directly from the lap of nature and delivered with love to your skin! With an all-natural formula enriched with pure honey, shea butter, aloe-vera and Osun (camwood), this soap is free of additives and is the perfect healthy solution for soft, healthy skin.


Key Features:

• Pure honey and raw shea butter provides the perfect moisturisation that your skin craves.

• Enriched with Osun (camwood) extract, The Dudu Osun Black Soap heals and clears bumps, spots, and scars to reveal shining, radiant skin.

• Lime-lemon juice and aloe-vera extract cleanse oily skin, prevent acne and provides a refreshing, cool sensation.

• The Dudu African Black Soap is all-natural and hence is suitable for all skin types.

• Enjoy the benefits of deep moisturisation combined with refreshing coolness with the goodness of nature all packed into a versa

Weight 100 g



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