Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Hair Silk 6oz

The Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Silk 6 is great to use for smooth and sleek hair styles. It makes pure silk of your hair after use, it protects your hair from hair breakage and split ends. Thanks to the pure shea butter, it provides sufficient hydration and makes your hair healthier and stronger. In addition, it is also suitable for colored and permed hair. Finally, it gives no product build-up and gives a wonderful fresh scent through your hair.

Cantu’s products are suitable for all hair types, whether it is wavy hair, curly hair or just straight hair there is always a suitable product. They make their products as natural and healthy as possible. This ensures that it has a healthy effect on a longer term. Thus, they do not use sulfates, parabens and silicones in their products. The nice thing is that Cantu is also very affordable and also CG friendly. With Cantu’s hair products, you can easily achieve your desired look!


  • Great for the sleek look
  • Super shiny
  • Makes deliciously soft
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Lightweight + not sticky

How to use the Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Silk 6

  • Step 1:Apply to wet or dry hair starting from your scalp.
  • Step 2:Then work it through to the ends.
  • Step 3:Comb through for even distribution and style your hair as desired.

Result after using the Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Silk 6

After using the Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Silk 6, your sleek look is complete. Whether it’s a sleek bun or a sleek tail? Anything is possible. Your hair feels wonderfully soft and has a pleasant scent!

Weight 150 g



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