Avril Nail Treatments


How to display healthy nails?

– Regularly apply Avril nourishing and protective nail polish.

– Massage your hands every night with Avril organic Castor Oil. Your cuticles will be softened and your nails strengthened.

– Make a small express manicure every week: cut and file your nails, push back the cuticles, polish their surface (without exaggerating, you could weaken them!)

– Reduce junk food, it does not do good to your nails or your health!


Avril is not just a brand of organic cosmetics.

We fit into everyday life by drawing inspiration from a sure value: simplicity.

But just because we want to make it simple doesn’t mean we want to do less.


Organic is part of our DNA. Our certified organic cosmetics are approved by independent bodies that guarantee that our formulas comply with the strict specifications of organic cosmetics, from raw materials to finished products.

And because we want to do more:

– Most of our cosmetics range is made in France

– We reduce all unnecessary packaging and reuse packaging boxes

– We do not print cash receipts in our stores

– We supply green electricity at Enercoop

– 512 trees were planted in 2018 to offset our CO emissions

– We are opposed to animal testing, and adhere to Peta.


Quality is one of our major requirements. Easy application, color intensity, efficiency of the active ingredients, lasting, texture… We want our products to perform as well as conventional products.

And because we want to do more:

– Our customers are in the best position to talk about our products: every feedback on quality is heard and is part of our decision-making process.
– We dare to say no. If, despite our efforts, a formula doesn’t meet our requirements, we prefer not to propose it, even if the demand is strong.


Our mission is to make organic cosmetics accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we reduce all marketing costs: no competition, no advertising… We offer fair prices. Every day, unconditionally, to everyone.

And because we want to do more:

– We have developed a Men range as well as a Baby range to meet all needs.

– Our products are widely distributed: on our website, in our Avril shops, in town and shopping centres, at independent retailers… We adapt to our customers’ consumption habits.



Because in our daily life, we are customers ourselves, we reserve the best welcome to our own. We are committed to sharing as easily as possible: by phone, in-store, on our social networks. We are where you are and we are bringing you a quick and effective solution.


And because we want to do more:


In an urban and contemporary life, Avril creates every opportunity to feel well-being. Responsible well-being, with respect for oneself, others and the environment. In all simplicity.

Less is more, they say.

Perfect nails need perfect treatment. Vegan friendly Avril nail treatments adds a new shine to your manicured nails. All shades in stock now

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Transparent Hardener, Nude Hardener, Whitener, Nourishing and Protective

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