Avril Good Looking And Contouring Powders

How to use Avril certified organic Good-looking & Contouring powder?

Thanks to its matte finish, this compact powder can be used in 2 ways.

Good-looking powder:

1) Take off the powder from the bucket

2) Apply in broad gestures on the areas of the face which tan naturally: forehead, nose bridge, chin, cheekbones.

Contouring method:

1) Take off the powder from the bucket

2) Apply to the areas you want to dig precisely: from the hairline to below the cheekbones.

3) Depending on the desired effect, put some powder on other areas who want to reduce volume by optical effect: chin, maxillae, wings of the nose… If necessary, use the Complexion & Powder Precision brush for small areas.

Weight 50 g




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